Fabletics, July 2014

Yay,it finally came!!!! Sadly it took over three weeks to get here 😦

Once again, shipping is the only real complaint I have with Fabletics. I really wish they could get a handle on this issue. I have had items shipped for free from other companies that arrived in two days, so it’s a bit difficult to justify paying $9.95 per order. Especially when it is taking that long.

That being said, the outfit looks fabulous and is super-duper cute. I LOVE it!!! I am really glad I snatched it up before they sold out.

The Salar capri pants were a beautiful shade of coral. At first I thought they were going to be a bit too snug, but like my experience before, they were perfect after walking around for a few minutes. They are somewhat transparent, so I will have to wear a thong with them. They have a great little hidden pocket on the right hand top seam of the pant that is very handy. They really do pay attention to every detail when constructing their garments.

The Aventura tank is a great cut that makes my tan, surfer girl shoulders look pretty darned good, and the fabric is soft. I really like the way it looks, but wish it wasn’t so thin and sheer. It will be perfect to throw on after Bikram.

My favorite part of the outfit is the Sevan sports bra. I heard another blogger RAVE about this bra, and now I totally understand her wild enthusiasm. This bra ROCKS. It isn’t the best support for bigger breasted girls I’d imagine, but works well for less endowed ladies like myself. The fabric is soft and beautiful, and feels like a dream on. And it looks sexy. Once again, the extra back strap that goes around the nape of the neck is an amazing detail that makes my shoulders look incredible. I want ten of them.


There are some cute outfits available this month. I really like BORACAY,SEYCHELLES, BARBADOS,BAJA, SOUTENU,AND ORIEL. But if I were to order, I would probably select TEMPS. My first choice TOURRET is sold out of the scarf, so I will pass and opted to skip this month.

I am having some trouble uploading images, but will get them up soon.

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