To box subscriptions, that is. I don’t know how it took me so long to stumble upon this magical world. It’s a busy girl’s dream come true!

To my delight, I have discovered that there are tons of companies out there on the world wide web that offer monthly boxes shipped to your door with everything from snacks, chocolate, meal ingredients, wine, jewelry, underwear, and beauty supplies to sex toys. Who knew?

There are many sites that catalog all of these colorful options, complete with reviews, so you can see what’s out there and how people’s experiences have been with their service. My favorite of these sites are http://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com and http://www.brokebeutyblogger.com

I am not affiliated with either of these, I just find them entertaining and to be good resources.

My first subscription was to Fabletics. This is a company co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. (Goldie Hawn’s daughter)
I work a great deal and when I have time off I like to be active. I really needed some cute, comfortable, new work out clothes. My dilemma being that I live on a rock in the middle of the pacific ocean with very few options for buying anything. And those options are VERY pricey. So, I clicked a link on my Facebook newsfeed for Fabletics hoping to fulfill my need for good quality work out clothes, on a budget.

So far I have purchased two outfits from Fabletics. I took advantage of their introductory offer of 50% off my first outfit and Free Shipping. I ordered the Fearless outfit that included:

The Forward Tee- White Retro Print


The Dili Short- Black


(These shorts have little drawstrings on the sides you can cinch to give them a bit of a rouched look. I had no idea when I ordered, but it is a bonus to have the option of wearing them that way.)

The Ayni Bra- Blazing Yellow


I ordered them all in size XS, praying the sizing chart was accurate, for a grand total of $23.99.

I had no idea what to expect, and was really surprised by the quality when they arrived. I have nice work out clothes from all of the top brands, but these are the most well-made shorts and sports bra I have ever purchased. They are also extraordinarily comfortable, look AMAZING on, and I love wearing them.

My only gripe with my purchase is that shipping took weeks. (I am just not that patient of a person.) After my first order I decided to keep my subscription. On the first of each month Fabletics sends you an email with outfits selected just for you based on a profile you fill out initially with your size, style, and work out preferences. The outfits range from $49.95 to about $69.95, and have anywhere from 2-3 garments. Considering a good pair of shorts, or leggings of this quality alone cost at least this much, I think this is a good deal.

I personally am a runner, and do several styles of Yoga, including Bikram. I try to select outfits that are flattering, cover my workout needs, and that I can wear running errands and still feel cute.

My second order was purchased nearly a month ago and still has not arrived. I ordered the Cavalier outfit, which inculded:

The Aventura Tank-White Heather, XS


The Salar Capri-Pink Grapefruit Stripe, XS


The Sevan Sports Bra, Charcoal Heather, XS


My tracking information tells me that this should have arrived yesterday, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it finds it’s way to my doorstep today.

I am not thrilled with the shipping delays, and it stinks that it is already the first of a new month,(which means time to choose another outfit) and last month’s has yet to arrive. Although the first order came with free shipping, the subsequent order cost $9.95 to ship…making the delay even more unpalatable. If you happen to live in the contiguous United States, you are in luck, your orders will ship for only $4.95. I guess this is the price of living in paradise?

Now that it is the first of my third month I have the option to “skip” this month, and avoid being charged. You have ten days to decided if you would prefer to skip, if you forget you are charged and given an outfit credit. This is what happened to me last month.

For each purchase you make you accrue points, specifically 2 pts. per dollar spent. If you fill out a review for each item, you garner 20 more points for each review. This is a minimum of 160 points per order. At 1000 points you get a FREE outfit credit. Not bad…

I am still debating if I will order or not. It will depend on how happy I am with the Cavalier outfit. I have a business trip in three weeks to San Francisco and have been eyeballing the Turret outfit, which would be PERFECT for traveling. I would order if only I was confident it would ship in time……



Oh well.. hopefully they work out these shipping kinks in the future and can offer subscribers a better experience. They are certainly providing a quality product.

I will update my post when I get Cavalier, and let you all know how that turned out…

If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, follow the link to subscribe




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