Naturebox Unboxing!! July, 2014

If you follow my blog you know I don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to shopping, especially for groceries. Not to mention that coming up with a variety of healthy and convenient snacks to keep me going throughout the work day is a daunting task.

Recently I clicked on a Facebook advertisement (yes, people really do click those!) for a subscription service to a Palo Alto, CA based company called Naturebox that promises to provide me with healthy and delicious snack options to fight those low blood sugar blues…delivered to my door or workplace.

Naturebox is the brain child of a man named Gautam Gupta, who left his job two years ago as a VC at General Catalyst Partners to start up his own company. Having struggled with obesity for much of his life he wanted to help others control their weight by changing their eating habits. In a statement made to Business Insider ~ “Our customers don’t necessarily live near a Trader Joe’s,” he said. “This is convenient, plus we provide content to change the way they behave when they snack.”

You’re darned skippy, Gautum, it’s one hell of a paddle to the nearest TJ’s for me! Convenient indeed!!! Not to mention affordable.

I don’t know about you, but I live in Aloha Land where the gas is close to $5/gallon, and it costs $2-$4 for a snack or candy bar. For me, not only is having healthy, tasty snacks, appear like magic without a trip to the store appealing…it is also saving me and my family quite a bit of money.

So this is how it works. You go to their website, subscribe, and they ship five full sized bags of healthy snacks to your door (or your workplace) each month for $19.95 ($3.99 per bag), with free shipping on EVERY box. If five bags isn’t enough to get you through the month, you can add on additional snack bags for $3 each.

They offer over 100 healthy snack options to choose from, That are varied enough to please every palate in your family. After your first box you can start adding preferred selections to your “pantry” and rate them in level of desiriblitey….not unlike a Netlix Queue, and they will send your selections in their listed order.

And as if you didn’t need one more reason for trying it out, for every box they ship they will donate one meal through the Feeding America program.

I took advantage of an offer for %50 off my first box and free shipping. I LOVE free shipping! While the discount is generous, I have to state that shipping is ALWAYS free, and they are now shipping to Canada. The total for my box was $11.92 at checkout.

The promotion I used is still going and you can hit the link below and use the promo code “radoiolab” to get 50% and free shipping.

With the first box you don’t get to choose what is sent to you, but I guess that just adds an extra element of fun for me. I love being surprised and I’m always up for trying something new. That being said I do like that I can meet my own AND my children’s different tastes by personalizing our own boxes in the future.

I placed this order on the 25th of June and took 12 days for delivery. I don’t know if shipping is normally this slow. I expected a week, at the most from the West Coast. Knowing this in advance I will be adding extra bags to my next order to fill in the gaps.


In my box:

Sriracha roasted cashews- Sweet, Spicey, Salty and INTENSE. These are Amazing!

Antioxidant Boost-Trail Mix

Coffee Kettle Popcorn- Grown up cracker Jack’s

Coconut Energy bites- Too soft.

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