Memebox Unboxing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Memebox #11 ~Cacao, July 2014

I was all settled into writing a post on other topics this afternoon when one of the kids came into the house dragging a large pink package that turned out to be my MEMEBOX order.
20140722_170204 (1)
If you follow my blog, you know that I posted about MEMEBOX and how I have been dying to try this Korean Beauty subscription.
When I was seventeen I spent a summer with an Aunt & Uncle who working for the State Department in Seoul, South Korea. Good Times. What I noticed while there was that the Korean’s were leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the world with fashion and technology. MEMEBOX is the online representation of this with the most fashion forward beauty box subscription out there. They curate themed boxes choc full of cutting edge, and sometimes bizarre, beauty products you can’t find anywhere else!!!!

For my first box I chose the MEMEBOX #11, the CACAO box. The thought of spreading chocolate all over myself in the pursuit in the name of beauty was irresistible!

My first impression of MEMEBOX has been a good one. I am first of all impressed by the value. My first box, at $14.99 held about $100 worth of delicious goodies. Second, the shipping was lightening fast. Living in Alohaland, shipping from most box subscriptions takes nearly a month. From MEMEBOX, my free shipping took all of 4 days….from Seoul, South Korea. Competition, take notes!!!!!!!

Here is what arrived:

All of these are FULL SIZED products that you will never find anywhere else. I LOVE the chocolate theme, each and every product smells like heaven.The mask in particular looks good enough to eat! My favorites are the bubble bath and the facial cleanser. I have no idea if they will work or not, but they are a wonderful addition to my beauty routine. Who wouldn’t want to take a chocolate bubble bath, or smear fudge all over their face? And chocolate nose pore strips! YES, PLEASE!!!!!

True to reviews from others, my MEMEBOX was heavy on skincare. I’m okay with that and will keep that in mind when ordering. Skincare… MEMEBOX, Make-up… Ipsy, and Nails by Julep. Yeah…I got it covered 😉


It’s been a couple weeks and I have to say that the chocolate face mask is UNBELIEVABLE. It looks, smells, and feels just like putting warm chocolate fudge sauce on your face. My skin really does look brighter after using the mask and it’s just a heavenly experience. I use it twice a week on my days off as a special treat to myself. Finding this alone was worth the entire box.

The pore strips are the best smelling, and most aggressive pore strips I have ever used. They really get the job done, but hurt like hell coming off. I’m a little bit afraid of them.

The bubble bath is not much to write home about, and neither is the skin cleanser. Both smell a little too sweet. The bubble bath does not “bubble” and the cleanser looks and feels just like buttercream. It’s not a bad thing necessarily…I just don’t happen to love it. I will be passing them both on to my daughter.

The lip scrub is fun, and I use it a couple times a week.

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