Concsious Box, July 2014

Once again shipping took an eternity, with my box arriving two days before the end of the month. *Sigh* I was really looking forward to it’s arrival though, you never know what could pop up in the Concsious Box.

This is what July looked like:

Just like June’s box, this was very “sample-y”. A clif bar and a packet of oatmeal? Really? One kid’s juice box? I kinda feel like slapping you Concious box… This is ridiculous.

I am so glad I didn’t pay the full price for this subscription box, because it probably isn’t worth even half of the $19.95/month they are charging. If I wanted to get a bunch of samples, I could just go cruise around Costco on the weekend.

Only four items in this box were new to me, the choco slim pills, that I don’t need, the instant Reishi tea that was awful, the hemp hearts packet of seeds that kind of remind me of cacao nibs….but not, and the “one chew” sample of something called a “beauty burst” which is a chocolate mint collagen chew (gag).

A note to the folks at Neo cell…collagen, and hyaluronic acid benefit your skin when topically applied…not when consumed in a chocolate chewie (that tastes NASTY, btw).

Thanks for the novelty of the experience though…I can now cross “consumed collagen” and took Shrooms (sort of) off my bucket list.

I don’t mean to be a negative Nelly here, but these guys REALLY need to step up their game.

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