Conscious Box June 2014


I was talking to my mom about living social and groupon, and decide to go and check out if they had anything to offer in our area. I knew that since we are not centrally located in Honolulu, that offerings would be slim to none.

I was right, alas, no deals were offered for activities or restaurants on the outer islands. However, they had subscription box offers that would ship to us folks out here on the “other’ rocks, and at a very good price. I signed up for three months of Conscious box the “Deluxe” box for $25, with free shipping this came out to $8.33 per box..which is a stellar deal. Normally this would retail for $!9.95/ month.

Concsious box is based out of Portland, Oregon and offers a monthly “Classic,Gluten-Free, or Vegan” box filled with a variety of both health and environmentally “concsious” products.

It took over three weeks for my box to arrive, so I got my June box in July. The company was already sending me emails to review items my second box before I’d received the first one. I should note that I do not review any products for money, nor am I an affiliate of Concsious Box. The company gives you the opportunity to review items from your box on their website in the Concsious Box store and earn points towards shopping. It is a pretty generous rewards program, and they have some pretty cool products available. Unlike other rewards programs, you can apply any amount of points you have accrued towards a purchase without a minimum.

Here is what my box looked like:

First View

First View


Inside was:

Mmmm...A bag full of chocolate!

Mmmm…A bag full of chocolate!

I loved the chocolate and was stoked they were full sized. Everything else was so “sampl-y”. I am NOT a fan of itty-bitty foil packets. It’s never enough to really “try” a product and just seems soooo tacky to me to include in a box with this price point. Sorry Concious box, don’t mean to hate on ya, but thats how I feel. And…I’m sure I’m not the only one out there with that opinion.

Gripes aside, I thought the addition of the wine club card salvaged this box. Otherwise you really aren’t getting any value. The rest of the items alone just don’t add up to $19.95. For the companies that partner with these guys, it really is a great marketing strategy. I’m not so sure it’s working out so well for the Concious Box Consumer.

The only perk with this type of subscription boxes is that you get to try a variety of items you may not normally select on your own or may not otherwise hear of. I liked a few things I might purchase, but on the whole it is a bit disappointing. Items I know I can’t use, I pass along, such as the wine clube coupon. I couldn’t take advantage of the free shipping in my state, so I mailed it to family in CA who could.

All in all it wasn’t a bad experience, but the quality of this subscription box and the shipping issues need some improvement.

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