Vision Boards

“I keep my visions to myself….”~Stevie Nicks


My life has seen a lot of change this past year and it’s been hard to tell if I’m coming or going, let alone know which direction I’m headed in….now.

Several years ago in the early stages of my divorce my Aunt told me about Vision boards. She had first encountered them at one of the team building conferences she attended while working for Oracle.

Not knowing what my future held, and feeling like life was more than a little bleak, I let my Aunt drag me to Staples to buy a giant poster board, glue, and other little odds and ends to create some sort of collage that would help me to focus on where I was headed from there. After all, if it was working for the staff of Larry “I-own-it-all-including-an-island” Ellison, then maybe it could work for me?

Many years have passed, and I can no longer remember what was on that particular board. However I do remember that I did get,for a time anyways, some of what I had hoped for. I can remember other boards I have created since, and what exactly materialized in my life from them.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the law of attraction, or the book “The Secret”, but the basic theory is that your own thoughts shape your reality. The concept behind the vision board is to not only to sit with intention, focusing on your dreams and desires ( big or small) while creating it, but to give you a visual reminder each and everyday of what those things are so they will manifest in your life.

Now, early in my life, and during most of my decade long marriage I was a complete and total Pollyanna. Raised on Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, and with a father who taught me girls could do anything boys could do (and probably better) I launched full force into life with the belief that I could do and have it all. Ironically, I really did accomplish a lot of dreams, and had a lot of great things happen in my life. Then starting with the birth of a sick child, one by one things in my life started to unravel and the rug was pulled out from underneath me…a few times. Life became uncertain, and I became suspect and fearful of damn near everyone and everything.

Enter the vision Board. What it taught me, (and continues to teach me) is that even though a few of my dreams may have died, I still have more ahead of me, and that moving forward and onwards is not only possible….but an adventure to look forward to.

There are many different vision boards that you can create. I have friends that create small boards they keep visible in their workspace, and then throw them away when they have attained most of those goals. Some people get specific with their boards and will create different boards for different purposes. That is my current project.

As you can see in the photo above, I made a sort of generalized board that touched on many different desires. I worked on it for days, hyper-focused and let my intuition guide my photo selection and placement. I don’t know why I chose some things, but felt I compelled to put them on my board…so on they went.

For instance, I stuck a few different travel focused images on the board. I have wanted to go back to the Bay Area for quite some time now, and came across the words “San Francisco.” I didn’t have a matching image, but, put those words on anyways.

Several days later I started working on more focused boards, specifically one for travel and I sat and stared at a stunning image of The Golden Gate Bridge illuminated at dusk. It brought back memories, and deep sentimental emotions from a trip my dad and I took there when I was a little girl. It was a elementary school field trip where we stayed overnight at the base of the bridge. As I though t of that incredibly magical moment in my life, I looked at the words “San Francisco” on my current vision board and thought about all the memories I had of the city.

Then, as fate should have it, first thing when walking into the office the next morning my boss gave me some shocking news. She had received an email the night before regarding a conference in a few weeks from now that she felt was crucial for our business….. in San Francisco.

Her decision to even consider making the trip was unexpected because she will be flying to another conference in Southern California the week prior and it is a huge business expense to do both. But she said she awoke that morning and the Universe was compelling her that we HAD to go. We called the book keeper to see if it was feasible and were given the green light.

Everything just fell into place. Ironically all our first morning appointments had cancelled. In the first hour of my work day, before I even checked my messages, we had book a trip to San Francisco!!! Now I have to figure out why this is manifesting in my life. Everything is a stepping stone.

Some smaller things are starting to manifest as well, and we will see how those turn out. In the meantime, my goal is to finish four more boards. One is a fitness goal board, the travel board I mentioned, a work/education goal board, and lastly one that focuses primarily on my relationships with others and with myself. I’m going through a period where nurturing my “Artistic & Creative” soul feels, as strange as this sounds….vital.

I would LOVE to hear from anyone out there who has experimented with vision boards and has any stories, or tips to share!!



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